01. The [discrete] sound difference between the vowels /ou/ and /u/ in French can be difficult for English speakers to hear.
02. The instruction manual for the software breaks down the installation process into a series of [discrete] steps.
03. A parent must be aware of the individual and [discrete] needs of each of her/his children.
04. This corporation oversees a number of companies, each of which are [discrete] entities.
05. The exam was marked with [discrete] points for each section.
06. Cancer can be caused by [discrete] mutations in our DNA, such as those caused by UV sunlight.
07. Some [discrete] errors in the code kept the software from functioning properly.
08. Each of my old school friends occupies an important and [discrete] place in my memory.
09. Jean Piaget is famous for identifying and describing the [discrete] steps in the development of intelligence in infants.
10. [Discrete] mathematics has evolved at the same time as computers.
11. Margaret J. Kenney has suggested that it is necessary for all students, regardless of their choice of career path, to receive some instruction in [discrete] mathematics so that they will be able to function as informed citizens of an increasingly technological society.
12. Richard Marker has suggested that the [discrete] donut twisted chain model provides a bottom-up explanation of space.
13. [Discrete] mathematics includes sets, functions and relations, matrix algebra, combinatorics and finite probability, graph theory, finite differences and recurrence relations, logic, mathematical induction, and algorithmic thinking.
14. The [discrete] parts of the network system work by themselves as well as together.
15. The power supply in the computer is a [discrete] unit which can be considered separately from other components in the computer.
16. Your [indiscretions] at the company Christmas party could cost you your job.
17. [Discrete] pollutants, such as DDT, are much easier to deal with than the pollution caused by general, technological progress, which results in global warming.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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